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Green Business Fund

PLS Lighting Ltd is a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, appearing on the Green Business Directory. Our customers can rest assured that we have been independently assessed by the Carbon Trust and have met or exceeded criteria designed to examine our capability and proven track record of delivering thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems.

The Carbon Trust Green Business Fund is the energy efficiency support service for small and medium-sized companies in England, Wales and Scotland. It provides direct funded support through energy assessments, training workshops, equipment procurement support and up to £5,000 capital contribution per company towards your energy saving equipment purchase.

Being an accredited supplier means that our qualifying customers can easily apply to the Green Business Fund for a capital contribution towards the cost of undertaking an energy efficient project with us.

The Green Business Fund is aimed primarily at small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in England, Wales and Scotland. SMEs are defined as such if they meet two of the three following criteria:

• No more than 250 employees;
• Annual turnover not in excess of £25.9m; or
• Annual balance sheet not in excess of £12.9m

and if they are not more than 25% owned by an entity which does not meet the criteria.

Franchises are also eligible providing they have a different registered company number and are a separate legal entity to their managing partnership.

For more information, or to discuss your eligibility, please contact us