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Commercial Lighting

We carry out are in dynamic working environments and even where a building has been properly designed, the requirements of certain areas can change use over time.

Our installations are fit-for-purpose, with additional flexibility to adapt to your future needs. We assess overall lux levels, energy efficiency and ongoing maintenance requirements, addressing specifics such as colour temperature, colour rendering, uniformity, reduction of shadowing and glare.


A PLS solution can create a feeling of soft, natural light in any commercial or office environment, leading to better morale and productivity. Maintenance and energy efficiency benefits also ensure that you will save money whilst reducing your carbon footprint.


Meeting Rooms

From small meeting rooms to large conference facilities, our lighting ensures that delegates are able to focus on their agenda. Our lighting solutions reduce the requirement for maintenance and therefore interruption and down time.


Reception & Lobby

First impressions count, which is why we will work with you to provide a solution that fits the aesthetic of your reception and lobby areas.



The provision of lighting in external areas is essential to provide safety and security to areas such as car parks, roads and walkways.

Communal Areas

Canteens, toilets, break out areas and other communal areas can benefit from our lighting. We review each area separately to ensure the right technology provides the maximum benefits.

Circulation Areas

The provision of our lighting in circulation areas, such as corridors and stairwells, delivers illuminance when your staff and customers are moving around the facilities, whilst maximising efficiency in times of reduced occupancy.

"I have been delighted with my new lights. The light they give off is so natural, I really feel as if my office has had a much bigger window put in."

Jo Potton PA to the Chairman, The Berkeley Group

Benefits of choosing a PLS Lighting solution


Full Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions provide a one stop shop, from the initial audit and presentation through to installation and aftercare, we will take care of everything and work with you every step of the way.

Improved Light Levels

A PLS lighting solution can improve your existing lighting levels. Our solutions use the recommendations from CIBSE to ensure that you receive the right lighting levels in the appropriate areas.


We can help you to explore funding solutions for your project. Whether you require a full or partial ESA, would like to know about eligible grants or just need to find out how quickly your solution will pay for itself, we are here to assist.

Reduced Maintenance

Replacing old existing equipment with a new solution reduce failures and the requirement for maintenance. 


Advanced Technology

Our solutions use advanced technology to ensure we provide you with the most efficient equipment.


Energy Efficiency

All of our solutions use energy efficient technology to reduce your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.