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Sports & Leisure Lighting

Sports and leisure facilities are important community assets, and a vibrant and welcoming environment is key to ensuring a positive experience for its users. Lighting accounts for a significant proportion of energy consumed by sports and leisure facilities. Substantial savings can therefore be made by implementing a cost-effective, energy efficient lighting system incorporating LED technology.
An even light and colour temperature can improve the general ambience of the facility, whilst bespoke lighting designs can be created to meet the specific requirements of particular areas and sports.

Sports Halls 

Our lighting for sports halls is designed to provide a variety of lighting scenes to suit different sports. We use the CIBSE Guidelines for Sports Lighting to ensure that our customers are able to provide facilities which meet international standard lighting levels for specific activities.


Lighting for gyms can ensure that facilities look fresh and aesthetically bright, energising clients to focus on their workouts. Energy efficient technology will reduce the requirement for maintenance and, ultimately, any disruption to the facility.


Our solutions for swimming and leisure pools ensure safety whilst delivering energy efficiency. Our lighting designs ensure that glare on the pool is minimal whilst our products offer exceptional dust and humidity resistance.

Tennis Halls

When designing lighting for tennis halls, we understand the importance of providing the correct level of illuminance across the playing area, which is why we work in accordance with Sport England and the LTA’s indoor tennis structure guidance.

Fitness Studios

Whether a studio is used for a heart raising spin session or a restorative yoga class, we understand the importance of providing the right lighting. We work with you to ensure that the best solution is provided.

Bowls Halls

In accordance with Sport England’s Artificial Sports Lighting design guidance note, our lighting for indoor bowls halls ensures uniformity in illuminance across the playing area whilst providing energy efficiency and the associated benefits.


The provision of lighting in external areas is essential for centres that offer outdoor facilities throughout the year. From artificial pitches and athletic tracks to car parks and walkways, our solutions ensure that facilities can be used safely when daylight is reduced.

Communal Areas

Changing rooms, cafes, viewing galleries and other communal areas can benefit from our lighting. We review each area separately to ensure the right technology provides the maximum benefits.

Circulation Areas

The provision of our lighting in circulation areas, such as corridors and stairwells, delivers illuminance when your staff and customers are moving around the facilities, whilst maximising efficiency in times of reduced occupancy.

"The results have been excellent. We have seen great improvement in light levels and quality of light. The installation process was first class"

Richard Gealy Assistant Manager, Brecon Leisure Centre

"Energy efficiency works are often the first thing to be done when we commence a new contract, as it really is in everyone’s best interest that the centres are as efficient as possible."

Jeremy Rowe Regional Operations Director, Freedom Leisure

Benefits of choosing a PLS Lighting solution


Full Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions provide a one stop shop, from the initial audit and presentation through to installation and aftercare, we will take care of everything and work with you every step of the way.

Improved Light Levels

A PLS lighting solution can improve your existing lighting levels. Our solutions use the recommendations from CIBSE to ensure that you receive the right lighting levels in the appropriate areas.


We can help you to explore funding solutions for your project. Whether you require a full or partial ESA, would like to know about eligible grants or just need to find out how quickly your solution will pay for itself, we are here to assist.

Reduced Maintenance

Replacing old existing equipment with a new solution reduce failures and the requirement for maintenance. 


Advanced Technology

Our solutions use advanced technology to ensure we provide you with the most efficient equipment.


Energy Efficiency

All of our solutions use energy efficient technology to reduce your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.