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Many of the installations that we undertake are in busy, process sensitive and potentially dangerous environments. We are often called upon to install new lighting into busy production or manufacturing facilities that operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Effective project management is essential to implement a well-structured and flexible installation plan that minimises disruption to working schedules. This may require working overnight or at weekends in order to access difficult areas as and when they are available.


Lighting for warehouse and distribution provides an improved working environment whilst maximising energy efficiency via the use of leading technologies and intelligent controls. Our audits identify your requirements from general lighting to localised task lighting.


We ensure that lighting solutions in manufacturing premises are installed at a time to suit you, to minimise any disruption to production. We are compliant with general health and safety regulations as well as your site specific requirements to ensure the solution is implemented safely.


Having provided solutions for a wide range of workshops, we understand that your lighting requirements are as individual as your business. We ensure that we design a solution to your specification whilst taking into account specific industry guidelines.

Food Processing

From bread to bacon production facilities, we have experience of delivering lighting solutions in food processing environments. We understand the importance of health and safety compliance and will work with you to minimise any down time or disruption.

Cold Storage

We have provided lighting solutions for some of the UK’s market leaders in freezer and chilled storage. The installation of a PLS solution ensures that temperature appropriate products are used and heat dissipation is minimised.


When it comes to assembly and inspection areas, we recognise the importance of achieving the required lux levels and lighting temperatures through bespoke solutions.


The provision of lighting in external areas is essential to provide safety and security to areas such as car parks, roads and walkways.

Communal Areas

Canteens, toilets, break out areas and other communal areas can benefit from our lighting. We review each area separately to ensure the right technology provides the maximum benefits.

Circulation Areas

The provision of our lighting in circulation areas, such as corridors and stairwells, delivers illuminance when your staff and customers are moving around the facilities, whilst maximising efficiency in times of reduced occupancy.

"We have seen a huge difference in the quality of the lighting at the satellite store and we are all very impressed. The installation was speedy and professional and all done on time."

Neil Rawcliffe Local Area Manager, Western Power Distribution

Benefits of choosing a PLS Lighting solution


Full Turnkey Solutions

Our solutions provide a one stop shop, from the initial audit and presentation through to installation and aftercare, we will take care of everything and work with you every step of the way.

Improved Light Levels

A PLS lighting solution can improve your existing lighting levels. Our solutions use the recommendations from CIBSE to ensure that you receive the right lighting levels in the appropriate areas.


We can help you to explore funding solutions for your project. Whether you require a full or partial ESA, would like to know about eligible grants or just need to find out how quickly your solution will pay for itself, we are here to assist.

Reduced Maintenance

Replacing old existing equipment with a new solution reduce failures and the requirement for maintenance. 


Advanced Technology

Our solutions use advanced technology to ensure we provide you with the most efficient equipment.


Energy Efficiency

All of our solutions use energy efficient technology to reduce your energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions.