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We’re now saving money which has pleased the accounts team and we’re very happy.

Lots of the fittings had had it! Basically, the lights were on continuously from 7am to 1am daily and most of the time the area was unmanned.

We knew this was wasting a lot of money and a lot of energy so we opted to go down the ‘eco route’.

We’re now saving money which has pleased the accounts team and we’re very happy. The lamps last a long time and we’re consuming far less power and energy.

I’m really pleased that we had it done and I highly recommend anyone else looking at energy efficient lighting to give PLS Lighting a call.


Trevor Searle 
Chief Engineer, Dietex International Ltd

Dietex International Ltd

Dietex International Ltd is part of an international nutrition company, Mazuri Zoo Foods. Their manufacturing facility in Essex specialises in producing high quality exotic animal diets that are guaranteed drug free.

PLS Lighting were asked to help Dietex with their lighting in a recent installation. The previous lights were regularly failing and were becoming expensive to replace. Lights were always on and didn’t need to be, which is quite often the case in a food production facility.

Since PLS installed intelligent, energy-saving luminaires, Dietex can already see savings and are using substantially less electricity for lighting. We have also been told that the operatives within the production facility are enjoying the new levels of light and they are carrying-out their work much more effectively.

Annual Savings

29,596 kWh

15 Tonnes CO2

84% Annual Savings

1.6 Years Payback

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